My Thoughts after playing the Nintendo Switch

Let’s get the braggy part of the post out of the way first. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the Nintendo Switch. I’d won a spot on the London leg of Nintendo’s next console showcase before any release dates, prices or games were officially confirmed. After a sleepy Friday & Saturday (I’m too old for all-nighters and need a day to catch up), I headed off to the Capital to play Nintendo’s follow up to the Wii U. Continue reading “My Thoughts after playing the Nintendo Switch”

Just for fun – What could the Nintendo NX be?

I’m not normally one for rumours, however I need clicks to the site so let’s have some fun. Nintendo dropped a bomb back in April, we will be playing the Nintendo NX in March 2017. Since then, Nintendo has maintained radio silence with the exception of a couple of nuggets of information. Let’s have some fun and look at what could be in store for gamers with the NX.

Continue reading “Just for fun – What could the Nintendo NX be?”