Dark Nights: The Metal #1

Scott Synder and Greg Capullo have been the dream team at DC since they made a success out of Batman’s New 52 run. After going their separate ways for Rebirth, it has felt like there was some unfinished business. Now, they’re welcomed home with new story that has been set up since the beginning of their partnership. Dark Nights: Metal #1 aims to tie off those loose ends you’d either forgotten about or didn’t even think to question.

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Justice League of America Vixen: Rebirth #1

Steve Orlando is rebooting the Justice League of America as part of DC’s Rebirth initiative. Before we get to the main series, 4 special one shots are being released to reintroduce the core team. This time we have Justice League of America Vixen Rebirth #1. Much like The Atom, this comic focuses on how Mari McCabe rediscovered her roots and became the all-powerful Vixen. Continue reading “Justice League of America Vixen: Rebirth #1”

Justice League of America The Atom: Rebirth #1

DC are currently riding high with their comic line relaunch. Now everyone has settled in with Batman, Supes and Wonder Woman, it’s time to focus on the lesser known roster. Part of the next phase of Rebirth, the Burbank company are relaunching the Justice League of America and you know what that means. More Rebirth one-shots! First up, we have The Atom. Continue reading “Justice League of America The Atom: Rebirth #1”

The Flash Rebirth #1

The Flash Rebirth #1 picks up directly where the main DC Universe Rebirth title left off. If you’ve not read that issue, you really should, it’s very good. Because of the events in the main title, I can’t go into too much detail with the story, but I will say that the relaunch of The Flash is a series that should be watched very carefully. Even by saying this, I’ve probably said too much already. Continue reading “The Flash Rebirth #1”

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

Of all the Rebirth titles, I’ve been looking forward to Wonder Woman the most. When the main series kicks off, DC arc alternating between two story arcs, promising an interesting and complelling insight into the life of Diana Prince. I’m just not sure how I’ll find buying the collected editions – powering through 6 issues then having to wait months for the story to progress. I guess that’s for future me to worry about. Back to the present and Wonder Woman Rebirth #1. Continue reading “Wonder Woman Rebirth #1”

Green Arrow Rebirth #1

Benjamin Percy is giving Oliver Queen the shave he deserves. Well, that and some other things. Percy has given our hero a change in personality. Green Arrow is more of a social warrior than playboy. Realising he cares more about his city and its civilians rather than himself, we have a more relateable human side to get on board with. It’s this driving force for Green Arrow Rebirth #1 that makes it such a good read. Continue reading “Green Arrow Rebirth #1”

Superman Rebirth #1

Superman. The Man of Steel. The Kyrptonian. He’s had a rough few years to say the least. The New 52! became convoluted and ended up with too many men wearing the symbol of hope. If you’ve missed the last few years of DC comics, it will take an age to catch you up. Let me say this though, Superman Rebirth #1 picks up from where the New 52! left off and without giving anything away, you should read this issue with an open mind. Continue reading “Superman Rebirth #1”

The Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos

Travelling around the Cosmos is a daunting task at the best of times. Lonely Planet and Rough Guides currently limit themselves to Earth. If you’re planning your next holiday outside of the Solar System, you’re going to need something more… specialist. To get you going, we have The Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos. The catchy title, created by Marc Sumerak and published by Insight Editions, takes the Marvel Universe, and highlights all the known planets on offer. Adding to the authenticity, the Guardians of the Galaxy provide various hints and tips to help you plan your next holiday.  Continue reading “The Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos”