DC New Talent Showcase #1

Most people prefer to live in the moment. I know I do. I find it a struggle working out what to have for my dinner, let alone planning weeks and months in advance. Luckily, DC don’t have this problem. Over the last 12 months, teams of artists and writers have been busy conducting workshops. Led by Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, and Klaus Janson the aim of these lessons is to find the next generation to carry on the DC legacy. After months of toil, here is the DC New Talent Showcase one-shot. Continue reading “DC New Talent Showcase #1”

DC Universe Rebirth #1

In 2011, DC comics did the unthinkable. They scrapped over 70 years of comic book history and started again. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the thousands of characters were repackaged under “The New 52!” banner. Fans were not happy. Like the voices of Alderaan crying out in terror and suddenly being silenced, the legacy was gone. 5 years later, DC recognised something needed to change. DC Comics needed a Rebirth. Continue reading “DC Universe Rebirth #1”