20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D is happening

Cast your mind back a few days. You’ll remember I posted about a mysterious clock on the Duke Nukem website. It was counting down to something. That countdown is over and Duke Nukem 3D is being re-released on PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One on 11th October. That’s not all.

That’s right the Duke is back to single handedly stop an alien invasion. Along his tour of the world from San Fransisco to London & Rome, he’ll meet babes, aliens and more babes.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D, Gearbox Software have got in touch with the original team. They have collaborated on 8 new levels resulting in a 5 episode. These have been created by the original episode designers, Allen Blum III and Richard “Levelord” Gray.

Lee Jackson who created the Duke Nukem 3D opening title theme is also back to score the new episode.

Rounding out the team is Jon St John – the original voice of Duke. He has recorded new lines of dialogue specifically for the game.

Duke Nukem 3D – first thoughts

As you can see from the trailer, everything is as it should be. 20th Anniversary Duke Nukem 3D World Tour (to give it the full title) is a faithful refresh of the classic. The graphics haven’t been upgraded, it still sounds as it should and the one liners are as cheesy as ever. It’s going to be great. Especially since the old crew are back together.

Pre-orders are now live for 20th Anniversary Duke Nukem 3D World Tour. It will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One 11th October. I suspect if this does well, Gearbox may look into a new game and we can forget about Duke Nukem Forever.

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