Final Fantasy XV has been delayed… BUT there is footage

Final Fantasy XV has hit a bit of a snag. While the game is complete, director Hajime Tabata has informed gamers via Youtube that it’s not to the standard he expects. This means we have to wait a few more months while Square polish up the game.

This means that Final Fantasy XV will now release on 29th November. “Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive” the movie and Anime “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV” shouldn’t be affected by this delay.

Director Tabata goes into further detail by saying with a Day One Patch, he could easily meet the release date of 30th September. By doing this, he doesn’t want the gamers who don’t/won’t connect their consoles to the internet to miss out.


I do appreciate that delaying the game isn’t the easiest decision. Square Enix wants to make sure everyone gets to play the best game they could make. It’s refreshing to see developers taking care of gamers who might not be able to connect to the web.

Starting life as a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV has already had a lengthy development – 10 years and counting so a few extra months won’t hurt. I’m happy Square Enix are keen to give us the a complete experience from day one.

Although it will be a struggle since November is typically a busy period for large scale games.


To take the sting out of the delay, Tabata has also confirmed that players will be able to get additional in-game rewards with a possibility of additional DLC post launch. We should find out exactly what they are at a later date.

If you’re heading out to Gamescom this week, Square Enix has also announced that the “Master Code” version (the non-shiny & polished version) of Final Fantasy XV will be playable on the show floor. Keep it in mind it the game could be a different beast come November.

Final Fantasy XV will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 29th November.

UPDATE 16 August:

As promised in the delay video, Square have released gameplay footage based on Final Fantasy XV as it stands. You can find the 60 minutes of footage below.

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