Justice League Vs Suicide Squad is the first Rebirth event

Who do you think would win in a fight the Justice League or Suicide Squad? If you’re a fan of DC Comics then you are about to find out. That’s right, Justice League Vs Suicide Squad is coming in December. What could possibly go wrong?

Coming straight from the DC Blog, we know that the six-part event will hit the shelves weekly starting January. Before the main show, the build up will take place through the pages of the respective comics.

The prelude will start with Suicide Squad #8 in December and issues #9 & #10 as well as Justice League #12 & #13 will serve as tie-ins to the main story will follow in January.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad
Justice League vs Suicide Squad

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad will be written by by Joshua Williamson (The Flash). Art duties will be with Jason Fabok (Justice League: Darkseid War) and Tony S. Daniel (Justice League: Deathstroke).

The official synopsis reads as:

The day that Amanda Waller has long dreaded has finally come to pass: the Justice League has discovered the existence of Task Force X! America’s paragons of truth and justice won’t take well to a government-sponsored team of black ops super-villains (with bombs implanted in their heads), but before the Justice League can shut down the Suicide Squad, a bigger problem looms: another deadly strike team is lurking in the shadows, one that could expose dark secrets throughout the DC Universe, with ties to the hidden truths of REBIRTH.

Longtime enemies such as Batman and Deadshot, the Flash and Boomerang, and Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn will have to put aside their differences when an evil threat once thought lost to the DC Universe makes their return.


Will Justice League Vs Suicide Squad answer all of the questions raised by Rebirth? Probably not, but DC are capitalising on the success and aren’t resting on their laurels.

This can be seen with the cover for issue #1. Batman and Harley Quinn are the two most popular characters in the DC roster. As leaders of their respective teams, they will feature heavily in the story.

Geoff Johns, President and Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment had this to say:

This story is another building block to REBIRTH. With all of our heroes back on the board, it’s the super-villains turn. And the events within will set the stage for REBIRTH Phase 2 as a surprising team emerges and another piece of the puzzle of the future of the DC Universe, and the past, comes into focus.

I’ll be keeping an eye on both Justice League vs Suicide Squad and Rebirth phase 2. More information as and when it becomes available.

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