Lego Harry Potter Collection – Years 1-7 together at last

Harry Potter fever is setting the world on fire once again. The script of the play is smashing books sales and a new movie is on the way. It seems only right that we revisit the two great Lego video games based on the franchise. That’s why Warner Bros & TT Games have announced the Lego Harry Potter Collection.

The Lego Harry Potter Collection is breaking with the traditional multiformat set up and is only coming to the PlayStation 4.

The game will be remastered, polished up and include all of Harry’s time at Hogwarts and previous DLC.


If you’ve not played either game before, it is worth playing through Harry’s adventures at¬†Hogwarts. Lovingly crafted from Lego, the game features scenes from all 7 books and 8 films. From the first moments in Hogwarts to the climatic battle, all the key moments are present.

What’s better is that TTGames have injected so much humour, even when the story gets dark.

Yes, there’s more fuel to the number of remasters in this generation of consoles but Lego Harry Potter Collection will be well worth your money if you have a hankering to revisit the Wizarding World.

Lego Harry Potter Collection is coming to PlayStation 4 on 21st October.

Lego Harry Potter Collection Gallery

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