Surprise! Super Mario Run is coming to iPhone

Well nobody saw that coming. At Apple’s annual “We’re going to release the next iPhone” conference in New York, the tech giant came up with a massive coop. Head of Apple, Tim Cook, was explaining how iPhone and iPad hold some 500,000 games. There was one person missing. As the projection behind him went black, a familiar coin noise came through the speakers and the Mushroom Kingdom came into view. Super Mario Run is coming to smartphones.

Somehow, Nintendo had kept a mobile Mario game completely under wraps and what’s more, hijacked Apple’s conference to announce it. The creator of Mario (and my own childhood hero) Shigeru Miyamoto then stepped out on stage.

Titled Super Mario Run, the game is a 2D Side scrolling running game. Think along the lines of LittleBigPlanet’s Run Sackboy! Run! or Temple Run. Mario will run from left to right automatically and you just tap the screen to jump over obstacles and collect coins.

There are 3 confirmed modes, a standard mode where you run from left to right collecting as many coins as you can before the goal.

The second is an obstacle race where you compete against friends to get the furthest through a level while collecting as many coins and toads as possible.

The final mode allows you to build your own Mushroom Kingdom based on your scores. I’m not quite sure what this means as Nintendo only mentioned the third mode briefly in their press release sent after Miyamoto left the stage.

Much like Nintendo’s confirmed mobile games, Super Mario Run will be free to start. It will give you access to a limited portion of the game and you can choose to pay a one off cost to unlock the full experience.

Unfortunately, because of the announcement of Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s other mobile games have suffered a delay. This means Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will now release in 2017.

Is Super Mario Run Really worth this post?

In a word yes. Endless runner games has been done before. So the first question to answer is “Why the big deal?” For the last 30 years, Mario games have put consoles in the homes of millions of people. They are an utter joy to play for anyone at any age. Each level is crafted in such a way that it is easy to complete but hard to master.

Of course there are alternatives and you’re never going to satisfy everyone but there’s a reason why the little round plumber has been around as long as he has. Super Mario Run just adds another platform for people to enjoy him.

Super Mario Run will be available for iOS in December and Android devices at a later date.

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