Tank It! The latest game confirmed for the NX

It’s hard keeping up with the latest video game announcements. It doesn’t help when you are being swamped with updated consoles, Lego bundles or Batman remakes. However, one game that caught my eye is Tank It! A game for both PC and, surprisingly, the Nintendo NX.

Tank It! is a strategic simulation game from indy company Bplus. It’s main aim is to promote awareness for how civilians get caught in the crosshairs.

In your missions you are given targets to eliminate. By controlling a heavy tank by drone, you have the choice to flatten villages or tactically remove terrorists from the field. Whatever way you choose, there will be causalities, that’s how war works. #WarKills is the tagline for a reason.

Bplus founder (and the only member of the team) Bernd Geiblinger has this to say about his game:

I for one do not enjoy playing brutal, bloody games, so for me it is painful to create death animations and blood. I did everything else before I did this kind of work – but I am doing it for the message. This is also why Tank it! will be available for a very low value – For me it is much more important to spread the message of the game than to earn a great deal of revenue.

I am a sucker for games with a message. When a one-man developer cares more about what a game has to say rather than profiteering, I can’t help but get excited.

It’s also interesting to see the NX listed for Tank It! Bplus games are a have been associated with Nintendo for a long time. Games like Bit! Boy! Arcade and Puzzle Box Setup are available on the 3DS. This could be a large hint as to the direction Nintendo is headed with their next console…

Tank It! will be available on Steam by the end of the year and on the NX in 2017. Check out the below art work. There will be a trailer & in game screenshots released soon.

Tank It! Gallery

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