The next PlayStation firmware update is…

Sony has outlined what to expect in the next PlayStation 4 firmware update. For me, the exciting news is that folders are finally coming to the console. It may be trivial but this kind of organisation is long overdue. Naturally there’s more to the update than just being able to tidy up your games. Let’s take a look at what to expect.

The upcoming 4.00 update, is available for people signed up for BETA testing and is rolling out for everyone else soon.

An overhauled System User Interface (UI) lead’s the charge, adding tools for organisation. As well as this, there’s updated Quick & Share Menus as well as improvements to user profiles and trophy displays.

UI Refresh

New system backgrounds and a revised What’s New tab are changes you’ll notice straight away. Smaller changes like updated popup notifications and redesigned system icons are also included. The bulk of the PS4’s menu will look the same but as Sony put it, “It’s a fresh coat of paint.”

Quick Menu

The Quick Menu will be streamlined and won’t cover the whole screen.

There’s new items to the Quick Menu, letting you quickly get info without having to back to the home screen. You’ll be able to see the online status of your friends. Shortcuts are also present to quickly access your groups, favourites and more. You can also customise the Quick Menu, removing or adding items as you see fit.


Share Menu

Along with the Quick Menu, the Share Menu on the PS4 has also had a fresh lick of paint and won’t invade your screen. It’ll save the last social network you shared video clips or screenshots to, making the process of sharing a screenshot or video a bit more streamlined.

You can also upload video clips to Twitter for 140 seconds (up from 10 seconds).


Folders and Library Organisation

Something I’ve been waiting for and one of the biggest requests is for more options to organise content on PlayStation 4. With this update, functionality to create folders on PS4’s content launcher and Library is now an option.

A new tab called Purchased, will appear in the library. As the name suggests, this will show all of the content you own — games, applications, demos etc. Now, the Games and Applications tabs focus on content currently installed on your system. This’ll hopefully make games easier to find.

Trophy Improvements

The 4.0 update brings the ability to view the Trophy offline, something the PS3 has been able to do for years. You’ll see a new “offline mode” option if you are unable to connect to the network.

You’ll also be able to read hidden trophy details. They are still hidden by default, but you can view the Trophy name and info. If you want to. I’m not sure if this defeats the point of the Hidden Trophy, but since updates are guided by the community, I can only assume this was asked for…

User Profile

It’s easier to see relevant info for a player at-a-glance. For example, you can now see your Trophy progress compared with another player right from their profile.

The update has even more features that Sony haven’t divulged, but software update 4.00 promises to bring a more streamlined experience to the PS4. More details (including a release date) are coming in the next few weeks. 

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