DC New Talent Showcase #1

Most people prefer to live in the moment. I know I do. I find it a struggle working out what to have for my dinner, let alone planning weeks and months in advance. Luckily, DC don’t have this problem. Over the last 12 months, teams of artists and writers have been busy conducting workshops. Led by Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, and Klaus Janson the aim of these lessons is to find the next generation to carry on the DC legacy. After months of toil, here is the DC New Talent Showcase one-shot. Continue reading “DC New Talent Showcase #1”

DC Universe Rebirth #1

In 2011, DC comics did the unthinkable. They scrapped over 70 years of comic book history and started again. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the thousands of characters were repackaged under “The New 52!” banner. Fans were not happy. Like the voices of Alderaan crying out in terror and suddenly being silenced, the legacy was gone. 5 years later, DC recognised something needed to change. DC Comics needed a Rebirth. Continue reading “DC Universe Rebirth #1”

UNO The Video Game

The game of UNO is banned in my house. Thinking about it, all card and board games are banned after the Monopoly incident of 2013. I won’t go into too much detail but let’s say there were tears, frightened cats and a small fire to deal with. Anyway, moving swiftly on… I was delighted to hear that Ubisoft has decided to revamp the virtual version of Uno. Previously, it was a breakout hit of the Xbox 360, it has now been updated and unleashed on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC. Continue reading “UNO The Video Game”

A few words on why I’m looking forward to Dishonored 2

I’m not one for showing gameplay before a game releases. I am under the assumption there will be a spoiler of some kind that dampens the experience in some way. Well, with Dishonored 2, things are a little different. It doesn’t matter what gameplay is shown, since you can attack the game anyway you like. You don’t have to take the same path, in fact Bethesda encourage you not to do it. Continue reading “A few words on why I’m looking forward to Dishonored 2”

No New Assassin’s Creed this year. Ubisoft have you covered


Are you missing that Assassin’s Creed shaped hole in your life? Ubisoft have you covered, and it’s not a swift hidden blade to the chest. While it’s sad that there won’t be a new Creed game this year, fans of jumping from obscene heights into small bales of hay will be satisfied with the abundance of news coming from Ubisoft. Continue reading “No New Assassin’s Creed this year. Ubisoft have you covered”

Surprise! Super Mario Run is coming to iPhone

Well nobody saw that coming. At Apple’s annual “We’re going to release the next iPhone” conference in New York, the tech giant came up with a massive coop. Head of Apple, Tim Cook, was explaining how iPhone and iPad hold some 500,000 games. There was one person missing. As the projection behind him went black, a familiar coin noise came through the speakers and the Mushroom Kingdom came into view. Super Mario Run is coming to smartphones.

Continue reading “Surprise! Super Mario Run is coming to iPhone”