Dark Nights: The Metal #1

Scott Synder and Greg Capullo have been the dream team at DC since they made a success out of Batman’s New 52 run. After going their separate ways for Rebirth, it has felt like there was some unfinished business. Now, they’re welcomed home with new story that has been set up since the beginning of their partnership. Dark Nights: Metal #1 aims to tie off those loose ends you’d either forgotten about or didn’t even think to question.

Before I start, a little bit of housekeeping is in order. I would suggest reading Batman Endgame and both preludes to Metal; The Forge & The Casting. While they aren’t essential, they enhance the story.

So what is the Metal?

We start on in an intergalactic battle area as the Justice League are embroiled in a devil’s dance against Mongul and some kind of monsters. He tries to dispatch our team of heroes however, taking inspiration from the Power Rangers, Batman and the team manages to frantically smash away back to Earth.

From here, our trusted Dark Knight has found clues to an ancient metal that holds the key to extraordinary power that seems to have been around forever. The trouble is that it’s not of this world, nor of the known universe. While Bruce is trying to find out what exactly this is, the Metal is reacting and throwing our world into chaos. The rest of the Justice League are incredibly suspicious of Batman’s actions as they are, as usual, being kept in the dark.

This might sound like a typical Batman crossover – nothing else matters until Bruce Wayne decides so. To a certain extent that’s sad but true. However, he can has a reason, he’s no idea how deep the mystery goes. By the time we fade to black, Bruce is confronted by the thing that should not be.

A year ago, we were treated to the Rebirth one-shot which changed everything in the DC Universe. Here we are again with another event that adds fuel to the fire and brings DC’s world closer together.

Greg Capullo knows how to complement Synder’s story telling through the art of the book. I can’t talk about why specific parts of the comic looks great for fear of spoilers. The opening scenes and final page are incredibly worked and stand out like a Rockstar from outer space. Considering the book is called Dark Nights, the colours involved are as vibrant as ever especially when it comes to Batman’s escape.

Dark Nights: The Metal #1 Conclusion

Metal #1 doesn’t quite have the same impact as the Relaunch issue. However, it manages to pull a blinder. The reveal (unless you’ve seen spoilers) is an unexpected but welcome addition to the Rebirth universe. The rest of the story answers questions with Batman’s past that have previously been overlooked. With the bold start, where Synder intends to take us over the remaining 5 issues is an exciting prospect. We’ll have to wait to see how it pans out, but so far, so Metal.

4.5 (out of 5)
  • Synder & Capullo are back
  • Compelling story
  • The Ending
  • Background reading recommended
  • Batman and his secrets
Snyder & Capullo have set up possibly one of the best comic book events of the last few years. The question is will their big reveal this early ruin the rest of the story?

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