The Flash Rebirth #1

The Flash Rebirth #1 picks up directly where the main DC Universe Rebirth title left off. If you’ve not read that issue, you really should, it’s very good. Because of the events in the main title, I can’t go into too much detail with the story, but I will say that the relaunch of The Flash is a series that should be watched very carefully. Even by saying this, I’ve probably said too much already.

In Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Diana Prince had a feeling something is wrong. Barry Allen has gone one step further. He’s found proof that something in the universe is off balance. Naturally, he races through central city to work out what could be happening but cleverly, it’s not Allen’s speed that finds the solution.

Josh Williamson is overseeing The Flash Rebirth #1 as well as the main series. In this issue, he puts more emphasis on Allen’s skills as a detective rather than his speed. While the story could have easily revolved around how the fastest man alive uses his speed to solve crimes, this time it’s about him learning to take a step back to see the bigger picture. It works really well.

As The Flash Rebirth #1 progresses, we are one more step to understanding what is going on with DC Rebirth. While Barry is investigating the new shift, mistakes happen. His work/life/superhero balance is thrown off kilter. The age old juggling act of superhero duties vs real life kicks in and we’re left with a conflicted Flash.

One negative with The Flash Rebirth #1 is a few of the pages from DC Rebirth special were used. As they are used well, its not much of a big deal, however it seems cheap to use panels from a book that released a few weeks earlier.

The Flash Rebirth #1 Conclusion

The Flash Rebirth #1 is a good continuation of the main Rebirth comic. It’s also nice to see a more human side to the superhero, even a temporary one. If you’re interested in closely following the relaunch, it appears as if DC have yet again chosen The Flash to carry the reboot. The question “Will lightning strike twice?” is still up for debate.

4 (out of 5)
  • More human Barry
  • Progressive story
  • Frantic art
  • Uses DC Rebirth pages
The Flash Rebirth #1 is a good kick-start to Barry Allen's story. Aside from using pages from the Rebirth special, its not one to miss.

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