Green Arrow Rebirth #1

Benjamin Percy is giving Oliver Queen the shave he deserves. Well, that and some other things. Percy has given our hero a change in personality. Green Arrow is more of a social warrior than playboy. Realising he cares more about his city and its civilians rather than himself, we have a more relateable human side to get on board with. It’s this driving force for Green Arrow Rebirth #1 that makes it such a good read.

As well as Queen’s new personality and old look, a familiar bird of prey challenges him throughout the pages. Together, Green Arrow and Black Canary team up to take down a mysterious underground crime syndicate. The pacing is swift as the duo fly through the pages, it pulls you into the story instantly. It’s as refreshing, exciting and smooth as our billionaire himself.

Coupled with an exciting story, Otto Schmidt is on hand to bring life to the comic. I’m not sure what Seattle looks like in the flesh but the city is stunning, full of colour and life. When we gradually turn to the darker side of the book, the colours become more subdued, filled with deep greens and blacks.

While the overall plot of Green Arrow Rebirth #1 is great, there are still a few niggles that I found. The dialogue seemed a bit wooden and straight-out of a book of clichés. A couple of lines could have been reworked, but it won’t cause anyone to burn the book in anger. This is one heck of a reboot to the series.

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Conclusion

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 is a breath of fresh air into DC’s line up. Criticisisms over dark and brooding characters were often thrown at the company. Oliver Queen bucks this trend. He’s fun, full of life and has passion for the job he’s doing. It’s one energetic read and does not fail this reader. (Sorry, I’ve been waiting all review to chuck that in there).

4.5 (out of 5)
  • Oliver Queen's new look
  • Great paced story
  • Seattle looks amazing
  • A few woodern lines
Green Arrow Rebirth #1 pulls together a steller story with great character development. A few niggles with some phrases aside, this is one story to watch.

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