The Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos

Travelling around the Cosmos is a daunting task at the best of times. Lonely Planet and Rough Guides currently limit themselves to Earth. If you’re planning your next holiday outside of the Solar System, you’re going to need something more… specialist. To get you going, we have The Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos. The catchy title, created by Marc Sumerak and published by Insight Editions, takes the Marvel Universe, and highlights all the known planets on offer. Adding to the authenticity, the Guardians of the Galaxy provide various hints and tips to help you plan your next holiday. 

It’s a one-stop shop if you’ve ever found yourself confused by the hundreds of planets in the Marvel Universe. If you wanted to know what the inhabitants of the Planet of the Symbiotes wears (you), then this book is certainly fills you in.

The Complete Marvel Cosmos is exactly like the guide books on Earth. It tells you about the best eats, the dos and don’ts and a brief history of each planet. It’s compact enough to give you everything you need to know in digestible chunks. It doesn’t overwhelm you with nitty-gritty details. However, this is a travel guide and not a comic, there is next to no art work, except for a splash page marking the start of a new section and the occasional panel breaking up the long pages. What drawings are present seem to be pulled from the Marvel archives – some recent, some older. It’s unfortunate that it’s not a consistent style.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but a book based on fictional worlds in a comic book could have done with more recent illustrations.

Throughout the pages, the Guardians of the Galaxy have thrown their own anecdotes to keep you reading. You’re given hints, tips, and stories about their (mis)adventures throughout space. They try to be funny, but sometimes fall flat but these little quips are nice touches that guides the reader to the main comics.

Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos Conclusion

The Complete Marvel Cosmos is a clever book that highlights the main stops in their ever-expanding universe. Readers can learn what planets and species are dangerous. You’ll even learn about the home worlds of the Guardians. The “notes” from Star-Lord, Rocket and the team try to be funny and occasionally they are. However they do become predictable even the well-timed I Am Groot loses meaning by the end.

Overall the Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos is more of an encyclopaedia of information than comic relief. If you get confused over the huge number of planets, or what to learn more about Kree history, then this book is for you. I wouldn’t say it is an essential read though.

3.5 (out of 5)
  • Great insight into the Universe
  • Tonnes of places to explore
  • Brilliant travel guide
  • Jokes fall flat
  • Not enough art
As a travel guide or for someone who wants to get into the history of the Marvel Universe, this is a good companion. The art is too sparce and the jokes fall flat but it is a decent read.

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