Justice League of America The Atom: Rebirth #1

DC are currently riding high with their comic line relaunch. Now everyone has settled in with Batman, Supes and Wonder Woman, it’s time to focus on the lesser known roster. Part of the next phase of Rebirth, the Burbank company are relaunching the Justice League of America and you know what that means. More Rebirth one-shots! First up, we have The Atom.

Traditionally, professor Ray Palmer is thought of as The Atom; a scientist with the ability to shrink to the size of, well, an Atom. As part of Rebirth, we meet Ryan Choi a student of Palmer’s who has been entrusted with the Ivy League tutor’s biggest secret. Choi becomes part student, part sidekick throughout the course of the year (as well as the issue).

As well as sidekick, Ryan is tasked with becoming The Atom when Palmer mysteriously disappears. Why he disappears isn’t the message behind The Atom Rebirth. One look at the cover will tell you that much. What Steve Orlando has written about is more a personal story of how a boy with all the aliments and phobias in the world can step up and be a man.

It is the traditional comic book story of a boy using everything that is wrong with him to create something better.

The Atom: Rebirth #1 is less about setting up a plot and more about establishing the motivation of our protagonist. There is little in the way of action and montages are effectively used to pass time and grow characters. The speeches are kept to a minimum and even the science used is explained in a believable way.

Justice League The Atom: Rebirth #1 Conclusion

In fact, the only negative comes at the end of the book. It’s unfortunately a predictable end to an otherwise great book. When it came to the reveal, it felt like the ending was tacked on at the last moment to push the next issue. Don’t get me wrong, it does not spoil the issue in any way, it just felt like a typical ending.

4 (out of 5)
  • Sensible Science
  • Montages
  • Minimal violence
  • Predictable ending
The Atom Rebirth #1 is a great book. It’s the typical story of the underdog growing to be the hero. Where Choi will fit into the Justice League of America is an exciting prospect and I can’t wait to see where Orlando takes us next.

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