Justice League of America Killer Frost: Rebirth #1

The final entry into the Justice League of America comes in the form of Dr Caitlin Snow – Killer Frost herself. We’ve seen with The Atom, Vixen & The Ray how one becomes a hero, but what about looking at a villain trying to swap sides? Well, that’s where Justice League of America Killer Frost: Rebirth #1 steps in.

We join Caitlin where all criminals end up, but this isn’t any ordinary jail. It’s run by Amanda Waller and she is determined to prove that Killer Frost will live up to her name eventually. Meanwhile, Dr Snow is out to prove she can do good and be a hero for once. The book revolves around her trails on her path to freedom.

As seen in the previous JLA one-shots, having something to prove is one thing but coming up against yourself is the biggest test of all. Killer Frost may have a point to prove but she can only test herself so far before instinct takes over. Waller puts our new hero through her paces as she tries to cope with an unquenchable thirst for heat.

Along with co-writer Jody Houser, Steve Orlando once again shoes that it only takes one person to believe in you to give you the motivation to carry on and power through. Although, unlike The Ray Rebirth #1, the message isn’t as subtle and does feel a tad forced in points. I do think that having Waller means going to extremes and forcing the points is inevitable but that is just one point on an otherwise good read.

Coupled with the story, Mirka Andolfo and Arif Prianto team up to create irresistible art full of soft blues and whites. The contrast of Frost against everyone else draws you into the comic much like Poison Ivy does. It will be interesting to see how Frost will contrast against Ray when the series starts in a few weeks.

Justice League of America Killer Frost: Rebirth #1 Conclusion

Killer Frost Rebirth #1 has the most accurate use of the word “Rebirth” throughout all the one-shots, not just the JLA series. Caitlin wants to change her ways and prove to everyone she is more than a murderer. As with the other JLA titles, it is an uplifting tale that will resonate with people. That’s the self-belief issues, not the murderous freezing power ones.

4 (out of 5)
  • Great colours
  • Good story
  • Interesting character choice
  • A bit too forced
  • Ruined a little by Waller
Dr Caitlin Snow really shines as a future hero and goes through the mill to prove it. Justice League of America Killer Frost: Rebirth #1 is a great read that sets up the next JLA run beautifully.

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