Superman Rebirth #1

Superman. The Man of Steel. The Kyrptonian. He’s had a rough few years to say the least. The New 52! became convoluted and ended up with too many men wearing the symbol of hope. If you’ve missed the last few years of DC comics, it will take an age to catch you up. Let me say this though, Superman Rebirth #1 picks up from where the New 52! left off and without giving anything away, you should read this issue with an open mind.

As part of the Rebirth event, DC are trying to weave the pre-Flashpoint stories together with everything that has happened since 2011. For most comics, such as Batman, there is a clear break between the past and present, you can pick up issue #1 and you’re off.

With Superman Rebirth #1, things aren’t quite as simple since DC tried a soft reboot with their Convergence storyline and have now got to undo that story before moving on. Confused yet?

You’re not the only one. Throughout the pages of Superman Rebirth #1, Clark Kent must answer some serious questions about who he is and the events that have just unfolded. Luckily writers, Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason include flashbacks to lay down the basics. This gives the comic the break it needs to move into Rebirth.

This break is not as straightforward as other series, but when you’re trying to pick up the pieces of a messy story, it can be hard to make everything slot into place perfectly. What we are left with is a clean-up operation before the comic starts anew.

Superman Rebirth #1 Conclusion

Superman Rebirth #1 suffers from a lack of time to develop the story. There aren’t enough pages to catch up new readers and set up a new story. Shortcuts were taken in a noticeable way. For example; one character suddenly knowing where the Fortress of Solitude is. I will say that the art direction is solid, but to fully enjoy this issue, you’ll either need to take it on face value or included as the trade paperback volume.

2.5 (out of 5)
  • Solid art direction
  • Time spent explaining old plots
  • Creating new plotholes
Superman Rebirth #1 spends too much time catching up new readers rather than progressing with a new story. This is a clean-up issue and one that will be better suited when paired with the rest of the story arc.

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