Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

Of all the Rebirth titles, I’ve been looking forward to Wonder Woman the most. When the main series kicks off, DC arc alternating between two story arcs, promising an interesting and complelling insight into the life of Diana Prince. I’m just not sure how I’ll find buying the collected editions – powering through 6 issues then having to wait months for the story to progress. I guess that’s for future me to worry about. Back to the present and Wonder Woman Rebirth #1.

Wonder Woman knows the world has changed. She can’t explain it, but something is up. For some reason, the public has side lined Diana. Some think of her as a hero, others nothing more than an object to hit on. As she tries to concentrate on being the fierce warrior that she is, she can’t help but notice the complicated world she now lives in.

She is somehow aware of the Rebirth event and sets off to track down what is happening. Throughout the pages of Wonder Woman Rebirth #1, Greg Rucka does an excellent job of re-establishing the pre-New 52 universe. By weaving in threads of history, we find Diana questioning what is right, what is real and who she is. It’s a fascinating read.

The creative team needs a special mention too. While Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 is more a personal look at Diana rather than all out action, the level of detail is astounding. There are two double pages within the comic that are pencilled, inked and coloured with such a fine detail, they wouldn’t look out of place hanging on a wall.

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Conclusion

As Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 progresses, it becomes clear that she’ll have an important and personal role in finding the underlying cause of Rebirth. It’ll be interesting to see where her story takes her and how the flip-flopping of two stories will work. As a one-shot though, Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 is one of the best Rebirth titles.

5 (out of 5)
  • Personal story
  • Great art direction
Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 is a personal look at Diana Prince. While the action is mostly missing, we are left with the start of a journey into finding out who Wonder Woman really is.

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